Let employees know you're there for them when they need to be away.

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Everything you need to create a comprehensive employee leave of absence policy is here.

Download this free template to get a head start on creating an easy-to-understand employee leave of absence policy.  

From the birth of a child to dealing with illness, there are many reasons for taking a leave of absence from work. 

A leave of absence policy helps provide clarity to your employees in new or challenging circumstances.  

This free template lays out the different types of leave, including what is mandated by the government and what is provided directly by the employer. 

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Employee leave of absence policy template

Clarify time off
Share leave types and minimum requirements so employees know what they can request.

Add important details
 Include info specific to your organization and types of leave; everything else is already in the template.

No questions unanswered
Ensure employees have all the information they need to focus away from work and on personal matters.