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Imagine HR

Connect everyone in your company and bring your culture to life.

Rise empowers employees with HR tools that contribute to productivity, collaboration, and happiness, fuelling personal experiences to help them achieve their best.

Employees get all the tools they need at their fingertips and a comprehensive view of their life within the company. Plus, employees can manage their vacation schedule and time off, all with a platform they’ll use—and love.

Imagine Benefits

Boost employee engagement with convenient, personalized benefits tools.

Rise and Sun Life have come together to create a personalized employee benefits experience with tailored options based on individual requirements. Our network of friendly benefits advisors delivers top notch service to you and your employees across Canada.

Employees can easily self-enrol for benefits online and can update their benefits information and coverage anytime. Plus, they can access health- and lifestyle-related apps, products, and services that keep them healthy, productive and motivated.

Imagine Payroll

Streamline the employee experience with flexible pay runs and timekeeping.

Rise helps you pay your employees on schedule and on-demand with confidence every time.

Employees receive accurate pay stubs that are easy-to-understand, accessible, and tailored to your unique cost-sharing programs. Plus, Rise simplifies your employee time and attendance so you can say goodbye to timesheets and punch cards once and for all.

Give your employees the extraordinary experience they deserve with our integrated, all-in-one HR, Benefits, and Payroll platform.
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